SAIbysai X Official HIST

Sai and Giuliana met in their LIM Business Law Class where they learned that outside of school they weren’t only working on homework, but clothing brands. Giuliana is the owner of HIST ( How I see Things) based in Sao Paulo, but here currently in NYC. Giuliana found the opportunity to introduce a chic street-wear brand that provided empowering silhouettes  complimenting the Brazilian physic. She wanted to fuel the people around her through clothing in order to be confident in how they see things.  The vibe of the brand is unapologetic feminism, and accepting true self expression. If you are lucky enough to be in a HIST garment you will stand out while feeling comfortable, and sexy! HIST is for everyone!

This is the perfect collaboration for SAIbysai, Guliana strives to show the world how she sees things through her garments, and we will be able to use her pieces as a canvas to show you all, How we see things through art.

Enjoy & Happy Shopping!


est. September 2019