How to care for your piece of art


  1. First turn the garment inside out and then wash the clothing item, in cold water with a mild detergent. Please don't use fabric softener as this will eventually eat the paint away over time.
  2. Spot treat or hand-wash in cold water if possible to promote longer wear
    Don't use oxidized agents nor bleach.
  3. After you washed your item(s) take them out of your washer and lay them flat to dry or you can hang them up to  dry.
  4. NO dryers!

Leather Goods:
1. Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight and protect it from rain and snow.

2. Avoid contact with cosmetic creams, lotions, makeup products and perfumes.

3. Should the product remain stored for a long time, please place it inside the included dust bag, best stored by hanging

4. Please avoid rubbing the leather against rough or sharp surfaces to minimize scratching.

5. If you get your leather product wet, wipe the liquid immediately and pat to dry with a soft cloth, then allow it to dry naturally.